Toddler, anne greiersen

me & my passion

Anne Greiersen
I am crazy about black and white photos as the personality of each individual clearly steps forward and tells its own unique story. I do my very best in order to capture “a picture of the moment” where your light shines stronger than ever.
It is my intention to find your light – both as my passion as a photographer and as the owner of

There is a crack in everything, that is how the light get in
From a Leonard Cohen song

What people say about my pictures:

Master of the moment – I simply have to comment on your emotional pictures. They are beautiful and different and each one tells a story. You have captured something sweet, thoughtful and kind between me and my children.
Nina Kjær

I am crazy about your contrasts in the black and white pictures, which have a beautiful light and moreover I really like the impression that comes alive in your models.
Kate Petersen

Love it, brings me back there.
Chrostopher Pe